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At the Law Office of Donald Smith, PLLC, we are always determined to do what is best for our clients. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined trial experience focused on serving the rights of injured individuals, businesses and insurance companies, and on helping individuals. From our office in Glendale Arizona, we serve clients in Phoenix, Maricopa County, the West Valley area and throughout Arizona. 

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While we pride ourselves on our trial experience, we understand that some cases are more effectively dealt with outside of the courtroom. If an out-of-court settlement is in your best interests, we will work to settle your case in an efficient and timely matter. However, if litigation seems to be the only way to reach an acceptable resolution, we will not hesitate to argue your case to a judge or jury. 


Experienced Arizona Trial Attorney Working on Your Behalf 

When you are in need of legal representation to help you recover compensation after a serious personal injury, to defend your company from abuse and neglect allegations, or in a child custody lawsuit, you can trust in our attorneys' courtroom experience and proven results in the legal field. We are an AV-rated* law firm that places an emphasis on detailed preparation and the achievement of tangible results for our clients.


While we are dedicated Arizona personal injury and medical malpractice trial lawyers who relish legal challenges, we never forget that our cases are about our clients, not about us. We guide our clients through the legal process and work to ensure that they can stay actively involved in their case. Making sure that our clients are satisfied with the outcome of their case is our paramount concern


Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Representation 

Our personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys take a team approach to recovering compensation for individuals injured by medical malpractice or hurt in accidents caused by negligence.

We also defend hospitals, health care providers, nursing homes and long-term care facilities against accusations of abuse, neglect and defend claims of medical malpractice.




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